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Jokes Chemistry | Jokes About Chemistry

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

JOKES CHEMISTRY. Jokes about chemistry and fun chemistry jokes.

Jokes about chemistry. Jokes Chemistry.

  1. Why was the mole of oxygen molecules excited when he left the singles bar? Because he got Avogadro's number!

  2. Why are chemists great for solving problems? Because they always have a solution!

  3. What is the chemical formula for sea water? CH2O!

  4. Want to hear a joke about nitrogen oxide? NO!

  5. Two chemists walk into a bar. One tells the bartender, "I'll have an H2O." The other says, "I'll have an H2O too!" The second chemist dies.

  6. A neutron walks into a bar. He asks the bartender, "How much for a beer?" The bartender gives him a smile and says, "For you, no charge."

  7. If you're not part of the solution…you're part of the precipitate.

  8. If H2O is the formula for water, then what is the formula for ice? H2O cubed!

  9. How did the hipster chemist burn his hand on the beaker? He picked it up before it was cool.

  10. What was Avogadro's favorite sport? Golf! He always got a mole-in-one!

  11. Why did the white bear dissolve in water? Because it was polar!

  12. Wait, are all these jokes too basic for you? Because I see no reaction.

Jokes about electrons. Electron Jokes.

  1. What did one charged atom say to the other? I got my ion you!

  2. Why should you go to dinner with neutrons? Because wherever they go, there's no charge!

  3. What do you call it when an electron cheats? A current affair!

  4. What did one electron say to the other electron that was picking its nose? You repulse me in so many ways.

  5. Why did the electron go to the third orbital? It was Bohred!

  6. An electron walks into a bar. …. Or does it?

  7. What will electron say if proton and neutron come to electrons home... Make yourself atom.

  8. What do you call an electron mechanic? A quantum mechanic

Jokes about elements. Periodic table Jokes.

  1. I want to write some jokes about the periodic table… But I don't think I'll be in my element.

  2. What do you call a periodic table when the gold is missing? Au revoir.

  3. What show do cesium and iodine love to watch together? CsI!

  4. Carbon and hydrogen went on a date. I heard they really bonded.

  5. What's the dullest element? Bohrium!

  6. What did silver say to gold at the bar? "Au, get outta here!"

  7. What element is a girl's future best friend? Carbon!

  8. Anyone know any jokes about sodium? Na.

  9. What do you call 55 protons, 78 neutrons, 55 electrons and 6 croutons? A cesium salad

  10. What do you do with a sick chemist? If you can't helium, and you can't curium, then you might as well barium!

  11. What do you call a clown in jail? A Silicon!

  12. What weapon can you make from potassium, nickel and iron? A KNiFe.

  13. Oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur, sodium, and phosphorous walk into a bar. ”OH SNaP!" says the bartender.

  14. What type of fruit includes Barium and two Sodium? BaNaNa

  15. Why should you never tell jokes about radon, cobalt, and yttrium? They are just too CoRnY.

  16. Did you hear oxygen went on a date with potassium? It went OK!

  17. We'd give you some more element jokes, but all the good ones argon.

Why don't scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything.

That's a great science joke! It's a play on words, using the double meaning of the phrase "make-up." In one sense, it means to compose or constitute something, which is what atoms do as the building blocks of matter. In another sense, it means to invent or fabricate, implying that traces might not be trustworthy. Of course, scientists know that atoms are accurate and reliable, but the joke is still funny because it subverts our expectations and highlights the quirks of language.

Why don't electrons go to the gym? Because they're already negative.

Another excellent science joke! This joke is based on the fact that particles with a negative charge that travels around an atom's nucleus are called electrons. By saying that electrons don't go to the gym because they're already negative, the joke is making a pun on the word "negative," which can mean both "having a negative charge" and "unfavourable or critical." It's a clever way to inject humour into a scientific concept and shows how language can be playful and multi-layered.

When he discovered two, what did the scientist say? Isotopes of helium? HeHe.

That's a hilarious science joke! This joke is based on the fact that the symbol for helium on the periodic table is "He" and that there are identical numbers of protons and neutrons in isotopes of an element. By saying "HeHe" when he found two isotopes of helium, the scientist uses the symbol for helium twice to create a play on words that sounds like laughter. It's a great example of how scientists can have a sense of humour and how science-related puns can be both clever and amusing.

Why did the biology instructor break up with the physics instructor? There was no chemistry.

That's a classic science joke! This joke is a play on the chemistry between people, which means a romantic or personal connection. The mark suggests that the physics teacher and the biology teacher had no chemistry, despite being in different scientific fields dealing with physical and biological phenomena. It's a clever way to combine science concepts with a common human experience, showing how humour can make science more relatable and entertaining.

Have you ever heard of a mathematician who is terrified of negative numbers? To stay away from them, he will do anything.

That's a great math joke! This joke is a play on words that uses a double meaning of the phrase "stop at nothing." In one sense, it means persevering and doing whatever it takes to achieve a goal. In another sense, it means to stop at the number zero, which is neither positive nor negative. The joke humorously highlights the mathematician's phobia by saying that the mathematician who fears negative numbers will stop at nothing to avoid them. It's a clever and punny way to inject some humour into a math concept, and it also shows how humour can help us remember and understand scientific concepts.

Two chemists walk into a bar. One tells the bartender, "I'll have an H2O." The other says, "I'll have an H2O too!" The second chemist dies.

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