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Biggest Science Megaprojects

Engineering and Technology Marvels - The Largest Science Megaprojects on the Planet.

To think big, sometimes you need to build big. These 14 research projects are the most extensive science megaprojects on the planet. In addition to changing the face of science, these massive research facilities are engineering marvels. From hunting elusive subatomic particles to laser-induced nuclear fusion to testing a rocket in a plasma tunnel, we’ve built it all.

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World’s Only Underwater Laboratory

Aquarius Reef Base

Florida, USA

NASA doesn't just launch astronauts into orbit; it also sends them into the depths of the oceans. Sixty-two feet below the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, you will find the world’s only underwater research laboratory, Aquarius Reef Base. Scientists come here from around the world to study the ocean, test and develop technology, and obtain training for future work deep in the ocean or up into orbit. Video

World’s Largest Operating Nuclear Power Plant

World’s Largest Electron Beam

World's Largest RadioTelescope

World’s Most Powerful Supercomputer

World’s Largest Telescope

World’s Largest Auroral Research Institute

World’s Largest Neutrino Observatory

World’s Largest Particle Accelerator

World's Largest Interferometer

World’s Biggest Laser

World’s Largest Inductively Coupled Plasma Tunnel

World’s Largest Cherenkov Detector

World’s Largest Weapons Testing Facility

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