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Best 10 Fields of Science Jobs - Science Jobs'

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Top 10 Science Jobs 2023 and 2024

Thinking about a science career? If all things scientific excite you, consider a career in one of these Best Science Jobs. These 10 science jobs were rated as having the best prospects over the next 10 years. This list may be short, but the work in these careers is important. These careers were ranked by US New and World Report based on the following criteria:

· Median Salary

· Unemployment Rate

· 10-Year Growth

· Future Job Prospects

· Stress Level

· Work-Life Balance

Let’s dive in

Median Salary: $66,130

Degree Required: Master’s

At its most basic, archaeology is the study of prehistory and human history through the excavation and analyzation of artifacts. There is some methodical digging involved, but the bulk of an archaeologist's work will be done in the lab, analyzing excavated remains.

Median Salary: $66,130

Degree Required: Master’s

Anthropology is the study of humans in the past or the present. Archaeology, the study of people and places in the past, is often considered a subset of anthropology. Anthropologists often specialize in one or more areas: sociocultural anthropology, which examines culture; biological anthropology, which examines the ways in which humans relate to the biological world; and linguistic anthropology, which studies languages' relationships with humanity.

#8 - Geographer

Median Salary: 85,430

Degree Required: Bachelor’s

Geography has many subdisciplines. Physical geography specializes in understanding the natural patterns and processes of the Earth's surface, including the integration between people and their environment. Human geography specializes in understanding cultures, activities and landscapes of the human population across space and place. And geospatial geographers specialize in technology, such as remote sensing and aerial photography, to capture data and model, measure and analyze features on Earth from the local to global scale.

#7 - Survey Researcher

Median Salary: $59,870

Degree Required: Masters

Survey research is the art of designing surveys and analyzing the data gathered from them. Professionals who do this work are employed by research firms, polling organizations, colleges, universities and more. And they can work on subjects that range from politics to health care.

Median Salary: $48,500

Degree Required: Associate

Environmental science technicians are actually public health officials who monitor the environment in order to protect human health. They spend their days taking water, soil or air samples, and sending them back to the laboratory for pollutant testing. They also inspect public places and businesses for environmental hazards, and they're involved in the setup and upkeep of pollution monitoring equipment. These professionals should be detail-oriented because they're tasked with performing an array of tests with accuracy and precision.

Median Salary: $60,590

Degree Required: Bachelor’s

Forensic science technician is a blanket name for a number of professionals, who might work in the auspices of forensic science. Crime scene investigators, who gather and document evidence at a crime scene, fall under this forensic science umbrella, as do criminalists, who are scientists who primarily work in a laboratory analyzing the evidence. Professionals in this field can also specialize in forensic entomology, anthropology, engineering and more.

Median Salary: $96,270

Degree required: Master’s

Industrial psychologists apply the principles of psychology to the workplace. Industrial psychology concerns itself with the application of psychological concepts to the work environment. Professionals who hold degrees in the discipline often perform consulting work for companies. Some functions and goals of industrial psychology are: design safe work environments, train new employees, and help organize the company's management structure.

Median Salary: $105,780

Degree required: Master’s

Psychologists observe patients to glean insights about how we think, feel and behave. They conduct scientific studies of behavior and brain function; they observe, interview, and survey individuals; they identify psychological, emotional, behavioral, or organizational issues and diagnose disorders; they research and identify behavioral or emotional patterns; and they test for patterns that will help them better understand and predict behavior

#2 - Biochemist

Median Salary: $94,270

Degree Required: Doctorate

Biochemistry delves into the chemical processes of living organisms. In other words, biochemists apply their knowledge of chemicals and perform different chemical techniques and experiments to decipher biological problems. People who thrive on finding solutions to problems and are science-minded are a good fit for this profession.

#1 – Medical Science

Median Salary: $74,560

Degree Required: Master’s

Medical Scientists, such as epidemiologists, examine the causes of diseases to prevent them from transmitting and recurring, including investigating the triggers of an infection for a public health agency or collecting blood samples at an outpatient care center. These medical scientists might work in hospitals, laboratories or universities, or for pharmaceutical companies or health insurers. An epidemiologist conducts infection surveillance – tracking infections, reading data, assessing where problems may reside and deciding where intervention is needed.

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