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Dr. Kay's guidance was pivotal.

I discovered my passion and landed my dream job in renewable energy engineering. Invaluable support and insights!



Overwhelmed in biotechnology, Prof. Kay's network and insight led me to a perfect research program. Her coaching opened doors to incredible opportunities!



This mentorship transformed my college application journey into self-discovery. I got into my top-choice school, perfectly aligning with my robotics career aspirations!

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Are you prepared to take a bold step towards your dream career? Invest in your future now - you're just one click away from beginning an extraordinary journey of professional discovery and success!

Founder & CEO at My Nerdy Professor


Feeling lost and overwhelmed while searching for the right career in science, engineering, or math? I've been exactly where you are, and I understand the struggles you're facing. Watching countless students endure the same challenges inspired me to strategize with my students and fellow professionals, honing my expertise to maximize academic potential and secure dream jobs. I know the winning formula for success at every step of this journey.

Introducing the STEMUP Mentorship program – your ultimate solution to conquer career anxiety and achieve your wildest aspirations. Designed to overcome feelings of directionless and fear of making the wrong choice, STEMUP Mentorship offers proven strategies and personalized guidance, tailored specifically for STEM professionals like you. By joining our supportive community and gaining access to expert mentors, you'll follow a proven pathway that propels you towards a fulfilling and rewarding career. Let's embark on this journey together, accelerating your trajectory and launching your dream career. Trust me, I've triumphed over career uncertainty, and I'm here to lead you to the same victorious outcome!

Don't let uncertainty hold you back – join me now and unlock the secrets to unparalleled career success.

*Spots are limited

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Book Your Session Today and Start Thriving


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Take advantage of our special offer and save on your first one-on-one session. For a limited time, get a comprehensive career consultation worth $229 for only $89.

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