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Ask A Professor

  • Do You Sell Gear?
    Absolutely! Click here for Nerds Unite Gear, or Click here for science gifts, games, or trinkets.
  • Can I Request a Topic?
    Absolutely! Click the "Ask a Professor" tab at the top of the page. You can also have an article or video dedicated by clicking the "Customize" button. A team of nerds does the work; you get the credit!
  • Why Subscribe to Our The Science Fact blog?
    Reading science blogs, such as our The Science Fact, can provide information and insights into the latest scientific discoveries and advancements. They can also help to promote critical thinking and scientific literacy, as well as inspire curiosity and a love of learning. Additionally, science blogs can connect readers with a community of like-minded individuals who share their passion for science and technology.
  • What Topics Do You Cover?
    Anything science related. Dr. Kubatko writes the Energy and Environment topics, Dr. Vitale writes the animal articles, etc. We all share the fun.
  • What are Steps Scientific Method?
    The scientific method is a systematic approach to answering questions and solving problems through observation, experimentation, and data analysis. It involves making observations, forming hypotheses, testing them through experiments, analyzing the results, and drawing conclusions based on the evidence. It is the foundation of scientific inquiry and is used by scientists in all fields of study. View the full The Science Fact blog here: Vide the full-length Steps Scientific Method explainer video here:
  • What is a fun way to science define?
    Science is the art of discovering the secrets of the universe and using them to blow stuff up (just kidding!). In all seriousness, science studies the natural world and how it works. It's about asking questions, making observations, and using evidence to understand the world. And let's remember the fun side of science, like experimenting with slime, building robots, and launching rockets! Science is like a giant puzzle where you explore and discover new pieces daily. It's like a never-ending game of hide-and-seek, where you're always searching for the answers to life's biggest questions. And the best part? You get to use your imagination and creativity to solve the mysteries of the universe! How do nerds Science define? Science is a systematic and logical approach to discovering how things in the universe work. It is a body of knowledge constantly evolving as discoveries are made. Science can be divided into three main branches: natural science, social science, and formal science. The scientific method is the process by which scientists gather data and test hypotheses to explain phenomena in the natural world. The full The Science Fact blog can be read here. The companion, the Fun Fact About Science explainer video, is here.
  • Do You Make Videos?
    Absolutely! Chick here for our YouTube channel. We post weekly. Be sure to subscribe to stay updated.
  • Why Explore Science on the Web with My Nerdy Professor?
    Many of us may not have access to a nerdy professor who can provide firsthand insight into science, engineering, and technology. But, thanks to the internet, you have your very own! All that knowledge is now available online, right here. Explore the depths of science by visiting our articles about, most with video companions. My Nerdy Professor is owned and operated by professional scientists.
  • How do I access your Fun Fact About Science videos?
    My Nerdy Prof - YouTube Many people find that watching videos is a more engaging and effective way to learn about science topics than reading textbooks or attending lectures. Videos can help you visualize complex concepts, see experiments in action, and learn from experts in the field. Plus, there are many free science on the web videos available online, making it easy to access high-quality educational content from anywhere with an internet connection. Enjoy!
  • What is The Science Fact?
    The Science Fact is our weekly scientific article. We pick a fascinating topic in science and distill it down for anyone to understand. We cover everything from Space to the Deep Sea.
  • What is Weird Science on the Web?
    While we cover current science in our The Science Fact article, we also have a corresponding Weird Science on the Web article exposing the goofy, weird, and downright wacky side of that topic. This is where science gets silly.
  • How Often Do You Write Articles?
    Our goal is to write every week. Some weeks we may write a lot, other weeks we may be busy in the lab. Feel free to reach out if there is a topic of interest to you.
  • What is the Nerdy Professor Mission Statement
    Our mission is to create a page containing the nerdy facts (through weekly The Science Fact articles) while also exposing the fun side of the research behind the science (through Weird Science on the Web articles).
  • What is the Nerdy Professor Project?
    My Nerdy Professor formed on a front porch in New Orleans in 2021. One night a group of professional scientists sat around laughing about the latest weird science on the web. The group decided it was a shame that the humorous side of science was kept from the public. That night they made it a mission to change how the public viewed academic research. They decided to create a page containing the nerdy facts (through weekly The Science Fact articles) while also exposing the fun side of the research behind the science (through Weird Science on the Web articles). The Nerdy Professor Project was born. The Nerdy Professor Project, a new initiative from the non-profit Nerdy Professor LLC, is an interactive website dedicated to exploring and learning science through interactive activities, videos, and other tutorials. The project's primary goal is to make science fun and accessible. Science constantly evolves, so staying up-to-date on scientific discoveries and advancements can benefit personal and professional growth.
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